"The truth is inside of us, and it's wonderful when we have the courage to tell it." Mr. Rogers


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“Nightlight” was written, performed, recorded and mixed by me. All vocals, guitars, bass, drums and piano were performed by me; other things such as atmospheric sounds, tones and effects were courtesy of Apple Jam Packs.

The story behind the album: Our lives are made up of large stretches of monotonous activities and occasional tragedies. A few times while we are alive, we experience moments of pure joy and wonderment- these few occasions are the nightlight in the dark, and sometimes we are these moments to each other.

The themes on the album loosely follow someone who is in a very stable place in their lives, but starts questioning everything which causes them to spiral into a dark depression where answers are hard to come by, and hope seems trite. The relationships around them start to crumble, as they are a different person who no longer relates to people in the same way. Things become very grim, with dark thoughts running through their mind. Tragedies occur. All seems lost, and despite the urge to end everything, life continues until the realization hits them that they are not alone on this emotional journey. Others go through the same thing, and though they may never fully recover, the person they are now is made stronger with others who understand. They are nightlights in the darkness, to each other, to ourselves. The last part of this person’s former life finally crumbles and fades away, with all relationships now gone… but there is hope in who they’ve become. It’s very bittersweet, but hope is no longer absent- so long as there’s a nightlight, the darkness can be fought.