"The truth is inside of us, and it's wonderful when we have the courage to tell it." Mr. Rogers


If you want to know more about me, you’re either really bored, or a stalker. I welcome stalkers; they make life interesting. If you’re just bored, however, you should do something more fun than read my about page… suggestions that come to mind include lighting off fireworks or watching porn.

Still reading? My, you’re tenacious! Fine. About me:

Music: I spent a couple years writing, playing, recording and mixing the album “Nightlight.” It’s sort of alternative rock pop I guess, but there’s some punk and piano stuff in there. I’m not particularly great at any one musical instrument, but I play well enough to fool most people. Everything is self-taught, and poorly I might add. Head over to the music page for more details.

Devil’s Advocates is a podcast and web comic that was the brain child of me and my heterosexual life partner Josh. We’re assholes who occasionally try to have deep thoughts, so obviously a podcast needed to be made. The web comic followed shortly thereafter based on the idea of us actually being the Devil’s advocates. God we’re fucking brilliant.

I occasionally post to the blog. I don’t why, but people like a blog. So there’s that.

Lots of art projects in the portfolio, I’ve been into all that stuff since I was little. Just a nice place to show some of it.

Check out my YouTube channel for comedy and music videos. I don’t update the channel as much as I will in my head, but I have new stuff coming soon so subscribe or you’ll miss it… although I guess your life won’t be affected that much really.

I have a little company that I created for all of my projects, profitable or otherwise. Sterling Interactive, LLC is a local Connecticut-based company that specializes in cutting edge media technology solutions. I created it in 2012 and immediately went to work creating iOS apps that have since been published to excellent reviews and thousands of downloads on the Apple store. Sterling Interactive quickly expanded our services to capitalize on other core competencies, which has a long history of award-winning graphic design work, media and video effects and production, interactive data and technology, digital signage, sound engineering, mobile applications, streaming and video optimization and compression, and most other cutting edge technologies that are cresting the horizon.

I have over a decade of experience creating content, media, websites, dynamic data projects, interactive platforms and was an early adopter of developing for iOS using Xcode. I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Multimedia, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and I’m a professor of mobile application development at S.H.U. I have a day job too, but let’s leave them out of this. This is about you and me.